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My perfume collection, part 1! BPAL

As you may have noticed from my reviews I love BPAL! Beth creates unique and high quality perfumes. They are a little bit pricey for 5ml bottles so, I buy two or three bottles from every big update. Sometimes, I just buy half bottles from live journal or the forum. I always had great experience buying second hand bottles except from one time. I paid 20usd plus shipping for a Celeste bottle and the seller never sent it to me nor replied to my messages. So be careful if you are ordering that way! 

I absolutely Love all these bottles and I have bought them after trying them first from decants and samples. No blind buys with Bpal yet, although I am considering stop buying decants anymore because they are so pricey and often I am falling in love with a scent and it isn’t available anymore and I know I can’t have it.

The last evening of the year
Blossoms in Springtime
Pink Snowballs
Thousands of lights 
Witch Dance

Sugar Skull 2012
Samhain 2011
The cold hour od Dawn (half bottle)
Snow White 2011

Yule 2011( 1\3 bottle)
A wonderful light
Womb Fury
Body Remember
Nocha Buena 

A nocturnal Reverie (1\4 bottle)
Perilous Parlor
Sonnet d'autumn
The Night Hag Visiting the Lapland Witches
Halloween Las Vegas
Nothing Gold can Stay

 That's it! My Bpal collection!  I am waiting 4 more bottles to add to that. 
Next week I will do a Possets collection post!

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  1. That is an awesome collection! So many lovely bottles!
    I have Boo and Womb Fury full bottles and I have tried imps of Defutata and Bordello both are lovely!
    I have never gotten into BPAL forums. Maybe I should.

    1. Thank you Su! Speaking of Boo, I haven't tried this years incarnation but I read on the forum that it was lemoney. we are so lucky to have the old ones!
      The bpal forum it's great! I don't comment often, but I love reading all these reviews!

    2. I love my Boo! So creamy :) I wouldn't like lemon version of it at all!
      I read the reviews too and I have a user name. I don't log in at all and I still haven't figured out how to buy decants, etc.

    3. You can order decants in the swaps part of the forum, In the decant circles and group orders category! Usually, they appear after an update, sometimes the spots are limited so, you have to be quick! You can add-on bottles with your decant order too!

  2. Yay- I'm so glad you did this post! What a great collection, I can't wait to see part 2! :D I definitely need to order from bpal, I feel like I'm really missing out! I want to own Halloween Las Vegas just because of its name- I love Halloween and I live in Las Vegas, haha!

    Sorry you got screwed over with that seller. I hate people that take advantage of others. It makes me sick. I refuse to buy anything on eBay, because I bought a shirt for $25 and the seller never sent it. I also bought a rare CD for $30, and the seller never told me it was just a burned copy. I was so embarrassed because it was a birthday present for my best friend. Sometimes, people really suck!

    1. A burned copy? That is unbelievable! I am so sorry for your bad experienses too:( I think it's even worst if it is for a present.

      You definitely need to order from Bpal! You will Love them I am sure!

    2. Isn't that terrible? If I would have known, I would never have paid $30 for a CD that was a burned copy and basically free for them to make! But they didn't mention it in the item description, so I had no idea. I should have really complained or something, but I didn't. I just stopped using eBay, which kind of stinks because it really is a cool website. Oh well. I'd rather support businesses on etsy anyway! <3

      I think I will order from bpal when I buy perfume next. I have to wait a couple weeks though :) I am tempted for the Solstice Scents valentine release though. There are too many good perfumes out there!

    3. It's absolutely terrible. If you wanted just a burned cd you could made one by yourself. In my opinion, you had to make a complain, or leave negative feedback so other people be more informed in the future. You never know, maybe he could send your money back.
      I left negative feedback to that person and I put a paypal dispute. Then, I learned that she had done the same thing to other people as well.

      I want the new Solstice Perfumes too! But I don't have any money left. Maybe I could manage to buy two samples, or just one lol.

  3. I just lost the comment I wrote to you :( I should have left negative feedback about the CD. I don't know why I didn't. I was only in high school at the time and not experienced with buying stuff online. I did report the guy who stole my shirt money to eBay. He had a ton of positive feedback until he did that to me. I also found out he stole others' money too, like what that bpal girl did to you and others:(

    What Solstice Scents perfume would you want the most? I could buy a full size and decant half of it for you! Let me know! You were so sweet to send me your soap and Samhain... It would be the least I could do for you!!

    1. I really wanted to send you the soap! Please don't feel obliged to send me something back!! Samhain it's not even a half imp, it wasn't a big deal!

    2. I don't feel obligated. Trust me. I was actually excited to give something to you. I even made a little scent sample kit to send to you because I was excited to give you something. I don't feel like I have to do anything, I just really like sharing and giving, and it's nice to finally have something in common with people. I feel like an outcast at work, no one at work wears perfume or anything, and I don't have friends that are into it either. So it's fun to have you guys through the blog :)

    3. I feel the same way! Everytime I want to speek about perfumes my friends are so bored. It's very nice to have someone to share this passion and share your thoughts! I hope it arrives soon! You are so generous and Kind, I am really glad I met you:)

    4. Aww, why can't our friends understand how awesome perfume is?? Haha. I'll let you know when it does get here, I promise! You're so kind and generous too, and such a sweet awesome person :) I'm so glad I met you too! I actually look forward to writing in my blog now :)

    5. They hate the most when I try to put perfume on them but I stopped that:)

  4. Lovely collection - BPAL is so ridiculously addictive. I've just ordered Pink Snowballs 2012, it sounds right up my alley. I have the first year's Womb Furie and it's one of my favourite perfumes - soooooo good. And I'm not even a fan of honey.

    As for the discussion above, I've never done too badly out of eBay, but I only really buy "But It Now" stuff that's new from people who are running proper businesses through it. I can't be bothered messing about with auctions, and I don't want to take the risk of secondhand stuff that might be in worse condition than described. I did get burned on Etsy once though, and it was so annoying because it was a Mother's Day present for my mum. I got my money back eventually by Paypal dispute but I left scathing feedback (first bad feedback on Etsy ever) because the seller just lied and lied and lied, and for no good reason. It was crazy.

    I've also found lately that a lot of the 'hand made' stuff on Etsy is either coming mass produced directly from Asia, or is being bought by Americans from eBay really cheap and then sold as hand made by them. Disappointing - Etsy used to be really strict about that sort of thing, but they seem to have really slacked off these days.

    Anyway, sorry - I went off on a tangent. Can't wait to see Part 2 of your collection. :-)

    1. Doesn't it suck when people are just not only scammers, but also completely dishonest? I don't know how they do it. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing I was just re-selling cheap shit for a profit. Same with repackaging cosmetics and just slapping a new label on them and calling it their own! So dishonest and unnecessary. I know brands like Glamour Doll Eyes labels the colors that are not modified and basically "repackaged," which I have no problem with because it's clearly stated on the website. Stuff like Lime Crime though, that shit ain't cool.

    2. Dee,I think you are going to Love Pink Snowballs! It's sweet and light and rosy!

      I have never bought anything from the ebay and I don't think I am going to order second handed bottles anymore. It is just too risky. I am so sorry that you had a negative experience with Etsy. The good think is that you got your money back!

      I have noticed that on Etsy too. Often, a seller offers a handmade perfume but it's just a repackaged fragrance oil diluted to same base oil like coconut.
      Like BrightestStarOfAll said, I really appreciate when somebody is honest and clearly states in the description if something is their own creation or repackaged or a mass produced item.

  5. Awesome collection!! I want me some BPAL, but I feel like the international shipping fee is just unreasonably high... :( Su is enabling me a bit though, some samples and stuff are on their way to me right now! :) <3

    1. Thank you Nadja! The international shipping puts me of too. I paid 19usd last time and now it's even more. I think 25usd. That's a bottle of perfume!
      I can't wait to read what you think about them!