Δευτέρα, 18 Φεβρουαρίου 2013

Loup Mechant- L'artisan

L’artisan boutique was on my way today and I couldn’t lose the chance to try another perfume of theirs!
I tried Mechant Loop which means Bad wolf and actually reminds me the little red riding hood story. Actually, this fragrance is designed for men but who cares?
As a teenager, I used to wear men’s perfume a lot. Aqua di Gio and Gaultier were my favorites.

The description of this one is: The scent of the forest, with a fairytale twist
Bertrand Duchaufour’s abstract portrait of the hazelnut tree. Méchant Loup (Big Bad Wolf) is alive with forest scents: dry leaves, smoke and woods.
liquorice, hazelnut, cedar, honey

On initial application I got the liquorice! I love that top note. It’s sweet here and really balanced. It goes away quickly thought….
Then it turns to a green perfume.  The main note is cedar. Now that I know that this has hazelnut I can definitely smell it in my clothes. Before, I was smelling something toasted and smoky but I couldn’t place it! I thought that this has a tiny bit of green apple too.

All in all,This perfume it’s lovely and quite unique but unfortunately it doesn’t really last on my skin.

Κυριακή, 17 Φεβρουαρίου 2013

Outpost-Solstice Scents

PERFUME:  Outpost

COMPANY: Solstice Scents

AVAILABILITY: Winter limited edition

OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: Sugar Crystals, Spruce, Fir, Soft Woods, Bayberry, Mistletoe, Amber

BEFORE I SMELL: This sounds so promising. Like walking in the woods while it’s snowing

FROM THE DECANT/BOTTLE:  This is so soft from the imp. I get sugar and a hint of patchouli.

WET ON SKIN: Patchouli with fir and light cedar

DRY DOWN: This is not strong at all to my skin.  It’s a light Christmassy blend.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This felt leally bland to my skin, nothing spectacular. But a lot of people love this one and it’s one of the company’s best sellers. It would be suitable for someone who wanted a light not overpowering  perfume.

By the way, this day 39!

Bohun Upas- Bpal

PERFUME: Bohun Upas


AVAILABILITY: Genaral Ctalog in the Rappaccini’s garden section.

OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: The Tree of Poisons. Every aspect of this tree is toxic, from the narcotic, lethal fumes that it emits, to its oozing, poisonous sap.
A deceptively tranquil scent: heady fruits, dry bark, and deep green leaves, enveloped by a dark and sinister murk.

BEFORE I SMELL: This was a frimp from my recent order.  I am excepting this to be green and dark.

FROM THE DECANT/BOTTLE: Something fruity but I can’t pin point exactly which fruit this is. Maybe apple or pear. I also get pine with a hint of cedar.

WET ON SKIN: Green banana?  Pine and fern.

DRY DOWN: This morphs and it starts smelling very clean with a hint of something spicy on the backround. I still get the fruits. I much prefer this stage of the scent and I can see myself wearing when the weather gets warmer but I don’t need a full bottle

FINAL THOUGHTS:  If you enjoy pine-fruity scents this one is for you. In my opinion is a gender neutral scent, actually it may be better on a guy.


Παρασκευή, 15 Φεβρουαρίου 2013

Bpal- Smut 2012

Bpal  last night come up with a new update and the return of Smut! The new update it’s called “Our lady of pain” and it’s inspired by a poem written by Swinburne
I haven’t even bought any of the new Lupercalias scents yet and now this! This perfumes sound a lot darker and deeper! I am so into that kind of scents!
The ones I am most interested in are:

OUR LADY OF PAIN: Sumatran patchouli, blood musk, white lavender, opium tar, and black orchid.
Calla lilies and lily of the valley with white lilac, narcissus, osmanthus, asphodel, and Egyptian musk.

 Red musk, wildflower honey, elemi, tangerine, and mint.

Black patchouli, honey, and thick vanilla amber.

Black opium, wild plum, cypress tar, Bulgarian rose, olibanum, black orchid, and tobacco.

I know I can’t buy all of these though. I will wait for reviews first. These will stay up until April the first( I think)
Do you find anything interesting in this new update?

Now, the mini review of the day!



AVAILABILITY: Lupercalia limited edition

OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: Three swarthy, smutty musks sweetened with sugar and woozy with dark booze notes.

BEFORE I SMELL: I love sugary and boozy notes!

FROM THE DECANT/BOTTLE: Last year when I first smelt my decant I got the evil cherry and I hide it away. Let’s see if behaves after some aging.
Yep, The cherry it’s just an idea now. I am so relieved, I can put it on!

WET ON SKIN: The boozy note is something like sweet wine.  The sugar is not overwhelming here. Maybe there is incense in this too!

DRY DOWN: The lab’s red musk but a little bit sweeter. Years ago I didn’t like that note but lately I love it! I also get black musk. I am wondering which is the third one.

FINAL THOUGHTS: To my skin this is a simple blend but I really like it and I think I will buy a bottle before it comes down.
It’s a very sexy scent that stays close to the skin.

IF YOU LIKE THIS YOU WILL LIKE:    Scheherazade bpal for something spicier!

 pic from: blackphoenixgazette.com

Πέμπτη, 14 Φεβρουαρίου 2013

Black Forest-Solstice Scents

Happy Valentines Day!
It doesn’t matter if you are not in love or if you don’t want to be with someone. To me this day is all about love! Love to your parents, friends, pets, yourself! It’s just the perfect reason to celebrate, eat chocolate, wear something red and your favorite Valentine inspired perfume!

Today, I am going to wear the same perfume as last year:  Black Forest from Solstice Scents! Before I tried this perfume I could swear that I hated cherrynotes! Even today they remind me a cough syrup. I got a sample of this and from first sniff I was in Love!  Angela did her magic again!

The picture is from a Black forest that I made last year. Today, my boyfriend isn’t so lucky as I didn’t had time to make one. I just bought us handmade white chocolate bars with cranberry!! Yum!

PERFUME: :  Black Forest

COMPANY: Solstice Scents

AVAILABILITY: They made this permanent!

OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: Agarwood, Nagarmotha EO, Tobacco Absolute, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Cocoa Absolute, Maraschino Cherries, Black Cherries, Hay Absolute, Sandalwood EO, Whipped Cream & a drop of Pink Peppercorn Essential Oil

FROM THE DECANT/BOTTLE: Cherry liquor and cocoa. Addictively good.

WET ON SKIN:  Cocoa absolute with milk chocolate. The cherry is prominent but like I said it remind me cherry liquor. The woodiness from the agarwood and Nagarmotha goes exceptionally well with the cherries and chocolate notes.  You can tell that she used high quality ingredients in this perfume. Some chocolate fragrances, they just don’t feel right and the dry to something like vanilla but not this one!
 In this scent all the elements are blended together very well to make an awesome blend.

DRY DOWN: I can smell this for hours when I wear it. I get chocolate and tobacco whiffs now and then and I really enjoy it!

Τετάρτη, 13 Φεβρουαρίου 2013

Smoky Mountain Mallow

PERFUME:  Smoky Mountain Mallow

COMPANY: Solstice Scents


OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: Wood Smoke, Fossilized Amber Resin, Lapsang Souchong CO2, Guaiacwood, Labdanum, Nutmeg EO, Marshmallow

BEFORE I SMELL: After reading Rachel’s amazing review from TheBrightest Star of All blog, I needed to try this! Please read Rachel’s review here because she described the scent perfectly and she also included a ghost story in her post!

Guaiacwood from a fragrantica article ”is a small tree that is also known as guayacan. Guaiac Wood is one of the hardest and most resilient woods in the world.
Odor profile: Exotic wood note that has tar-like, phenolic facets, imparting smoky, tarmac notes in perfumes”

FROM THE DECANT/BOTTLE: Wood smoke, just like someone has started a fire near you! My sister said fireplace and I agree. I also get a scent which reminds me blue alcohol.

WET ON SKIN: This is so literal, I can smell the fire!! It’s a little bit sour like if it had a vinegar note but this note goes away fast.

DRY DOWN: The lapsang Souchong it’s very dry and smoky but Nutmeg really helps to round things up. I was afraid the tea note the most in that blend but it plays nicely! This is sophisticated blend for sure. Now it changes and I get all that gooey marshmallow scent that I know and Love!

FINAL THOUGHTS: No barbeque associations just a cold day close to the fire! Love it!

IF YOU LIKE THIS YOU WILL LIKE:   Lapsang Souchong-  Possets , The gorroble-Bpal( very similar indeed!)

Δευτέρα, 11 Φεβρουαρίου 2013

Possets-Bar Sinister

PERFUME: Bar Sinister

COMPANY: Possets


OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: Green Bourbon vanilla extract, sweetbriar, a powerful green musk, and a very highly refined leather, a background of labdenum, and a high and intoxicating silk accord. If you were born to gentry, you might have a stripe running from right to left on which you would have some heraldic figure. That is if you were legitimate. if you were the love child of a powerful man, you might  have a coat of arms with the bar running from left to right and the same figures on it to show who your father was and why you were powerful. This wasn't always granted, but often enough to have the bar sinister be a feature in heraldry. All of the elements of illicit love at play here. Sultry sultry sultry. 

Type: Resinous, incense, musky, sexy

BEFORE I SMELL: Sweetbriar is a species of rose. I haven’t heard this before and I am curious how it behaves in a blend. I love all the other notes even though “green” vanilla and “green” musk are new to me. Maybe it’s a vanilla accord fortified with green elements. I don’t know.

FROM THE DECANT/BOTTLE: From the bottle I don’t get rose but a little bit of fern and booze.

WET ON SKIN: It blooms to the skin! I smell the silk accord and I know Fabienne had used it to other blends before. How I love this note!  The vanilla it’s different from the regular vanillas. It doesn’t remind me vanilla extract. The leather it’s the one I love! No car seats but lovely high end purse shop in Paris!

DRY DOWN: I do get a boozy note still, like an aged whiskey.  Labdenum is one of my best loved notes. I smell it here but it isn’t a labdanum scent.

FINAL THOUGHTS I loved this from the first time I wore it as my day scent. It stays hours on my skin and it’s becoming even better. When I first got my decant of this I didn’t loved it immediately. So, give to this perfume a little bit time and it won’t disappoint you!

Α review from The Brightest Star of All!!

When I wrote about my Honeysuckle soap the other day I didn’t expect anyone to be interested in trying it. Especially from abroad because you guys have so much nicer products and very talented soap makers, sometimes I just look all the beautiful soaps and I say Whoa these are pieces of art!

One of the persons who asked me about where she could find my soaps was Rachel from the BrightestStar of All blog.  I love her blog and her very accurate reviews she makes! Actually, me and Rachel have so many things in common and I really enjoy speaking with her via our blogs!  She is one of the sweetest and most friendly persons I have ever met!

I send her the Honeysuckle soap right away and I asked from her feedback when she uses it whenever she had time. No way, was I expecting  to write all these great things about my soap in her blog! She surprised me in the most positive way and she really made me truly happy! You can read all these beautiful things that Rachel wrote here!

Rachel, I can’t thank you enough for your review and your kind words in general!

Σάββατο, 9 Φεβρουαρίου 2013

My possets Collection and 10 reasons why I love Possets!

10 reason why I love Possets!

  1. They are really affordable! 10.99 For 6ml and 15.95 for a 10ml you don’t have to rob the bank for smelling good!
  2. I love possets forum! The ladies there are very friendly and I absolutely trust their reviews.
  3. I love how Fabienne, the owner, let us vote for three scents to become permanent before each limited edition collection goes down. How great is that?
  4. Every one or two years she has a big “Retour” event where ALL the previous limited edition scents make one more appearance. As you could imagine I have a big Retour wish list.
  5. With every bottle you buy she includes two poppets , 1ml sample! I have found too many favorites from these freebies.
  6. She makes blends inspired by kitties in her local cat-shelter and she offers all the profits from these sales to them.
  7. When you buy more 50usd she ships your order for FREE! Everywhere!!!!!!!
  8. Her TAT is phenomenal. Usually just a couple of days
  9. I find that every year her blends are becoming even better. I am buying something and I am thinking this is my favorite but then I found another in the next update!
  10.  She makes Cambienne which is a blend which changes according to seasons or to her emotions. I haven’t tried any of its incarnation buy I think it’s cool and very innovating!

My collection! I have tried a lot of her scents as I collecting them for years! 

Moon Drenched Magnolias
Nevada: Heat
Proof of Daffodils

The Gingerbread Whorehouse
Viking Queen
Mt. Lookout

The eye of Horus
Pumpkin Pepys
Her Perfume: Marian
Mockingbirds Trilling Their Mating Songs

 The scent of Angels
Blue Pepys
Gypsy Grave

Arizona:Sage and Honeycomb
Silver Carnation
Dangerous Oil
Madame X
The Lovesong of the Owl
The Diaphanous Dress
Cri de Coeur
Ultramarine Blue
Bar Sinister

The Great Psychiatrist of Babylon
All Siner's Day

Next week: My perfume collection Part 3! Solstice Scents!

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Scent of the day-33-

PERFUME: Nightmare


AVAILABILITY: Pickman Gallery: Torment & Reverie (9/8/11-11/13/11)

OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: Vanilla-soaked linen accord with lavender, opium poppy, Moroccan jasmine, golden amber, white honey, and blackened fruit gums.

BEFORE I SMELL: I have to confess, this painting is a little bit scary! I am wondering how it smells like! Just look into the demons eyes and that Shadow...

FROM THE DECANT/BOTTLE: Lavender, almond and jasmine

WET ON SKIN: The lavender fades away and I am getting jasmine the most. The blackened fruit gums are definitely blackcurrant based. That note reminds me of a Ribena juice! I don’t get honey or vanilla.

DRY DOWN: It’s mostly fruity jasmine on my skin. On dry down I can identify the Lab’s linen note but it’s not at all over powering. 

FINAL THOUGHTS:  I will use up the rest of my imp before I go to bed tonight. It has a calming effect on me. I would have never imagined That an incubus or a nightmare will smell so good!

IF YOU LIKE THIS YOU WILL LIKE:   A nocturnal  Reverie- Bpal

Bpal Yule haul!!!

My last BPAL order arrived today!!!! I made this order just before the Yules come down. I got only 4 bottles and they are foodie to the max, well except Snake oil.
I am into Bpal more than four years and I hadn't tried their most popular scent: Snake Oil. What a blasphemy!
I know Su loves it and she has a great taste on scents so I couldn't go wrong!

My order: Snake Oil
                Sweet Lavinia’s Risalamande
               PetMagah Bird
               Mother Shub's Stygian Nougat

With My order I received as freebies: The inn atmospheric linen and room spray sample and four imps: Morocco, Djinn, Bohun Upas and Thorns.
I also got a lovely card with Bowie on it as Jareth from The Labyrinth movie!!! Me and my boyfriend both LOVE him!!! 

On the Bpal forum it was mentioned that they will bring Carnaval Diabolique back before the Lupers come down! I am very excited about that and I have to start saving money. Some of these scents will be very limited.

Τετάρτη, 6 Φεβρουαρίου 2013


PERFUME: Sacrifice


OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: A fragrance designed for the emotional intelligent woman. She is a quietly confident woman who is caring and understanding. Jasmine lends it floral fortitude enhanced with aqua notes that lend the fragrance an Aqua – Floral top. Orange blossom and vanilla combine to provide a Floral – Musky heart. The base is reinforced by amber and musk to provide woody, musky element

MY THOUGHTS: This is a gift from my father. He travels a lot and he buys me perfume whenever he cans!

Upon the first application I smell the alcohol and I am not used to it. It fades immediately thought.  Like the description says it start with an aquatic jasmine note. The ambergris is there and it’s beautiful saltines. The orange blossom and the jasmine are the core ingredients but this isn’t a soliflore but a musky scent.
As it dries down it smells like a musky vanilla with a hint of orange blossom. I also get something like a very sweet berry note, but it isn’t listed.

To conclude, this is a well made perfume but not unique by any means. I would wear this in a job interview.

IF YOU LIKE THIS YOU WILL LIKE:   Amor Amor Perfume by Cacharel but this is fresher with the additions of pink grapefruit, mandarin and blood orange

Τρίτη, 5 Φεβρουαρίου 2013

La Belle au Bois Dormant-BPAL

PERFUME: La Belle au Bois Dormant


AVAILABILITY: Permanent \ Ars Amatoria

OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: The Sleeping Beauty. A gentle, lovely scent, slightly soporific, but beautiful in its quiet repose. Plumeria and white pear, Damascus rose, tuberose, magnolia and evening dew.

BEFORE I SMELL: You know I love my white florals! The tuberose and magnolia sound so promising! What is more, I love fairytales. Maidens and castles and dragons… Not that I read them but I like them as an inspiration.

FROM THE DECANT/BOTTLE:  Magnolia and sweet aromatic pear.  In my opinion, the evening dew must be a moss note but I am not sure.

WET ON SKIN: Plumeria, Pear and moss. The moss\evening dew\ green note give to this perfume an old world vibe.

DRY DOWN: Powdery roses and fruity magnolia.
In general: A Clean floral with an aquatic aspect.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This definitely smells how I could imagined the sleeping beauty must smelt. The moss from the walls of her castle and the flowers that cover her bed all covered in the evening dew…

Δευτέρα, 4 Φεβρουαρίου 2013



COMPANY: Solstice Scents

AVAILABILITY: Available year round!

OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: Dark Chocolate, Violet, Violet Leaf & Vanilla Absolute

BEFORE I SMELL: I have read so many rave reviews about this scent that I really wanted to try it! So, I chose this as my free sample in one of my orders.

FROM THE DECANT/BOTTLE: Cocoa absolute and powdery violet

WET ON SKIN: Hello violet!  I had a violet liquor once and it definitely remind me that.  I would say that it’s half violet half chocolate to my skin right now.

DRY DOWN: I get sweet chocolate the most, like a moist chocolate cake.  The violet is still there but not so pronounced.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I really like this. I wish the violet note was more apparent on the dry down but all in all it’s a very nice scent!

Σάββατο, 2 Φεβρουαρίου 2013

Moon Drenched Magnolias-Possets

PERFUME: Moon Drenched Magnolias

COMPANY: Possets

AVAILABILITY: Summer 2010 (Limited Edition)

OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: So lovely you could lick these off the tree. Beautiful creamy almost fruity magnolia blossoms. Lemonesque (but you wouldn't say 'lemon' when you smell it), with the softest of musks, a sweet tang but no sharpness.

BEFORE I SMELL: I love the scent of magnolias. I haven’t smell the real flower thought as it isn’t a common tree in Greece. I would love to smell a magnolia tree someday.

FROM THE DECANT/BOTTLE: This is not what I expected. If I didn’t know that this had magnolia in it maybe, I wouldn’t recognize it.  I get a lemony musk and a green floral note. It reminds me of fresh cut daisies.

WET ON SKIN: Definitely in a fruity floral category. On my skin the fruity notes are: candied lemon peel and aromatic\perfumy peach. I don’t know if it has actually peach notes in it. It’s not a strong note. I also get a hint melon. The first time I put it on the lemon was more apparent to me and not the other fruits.

DRY DOWN: It’s mostly lemony musk and magnolia. A hint of chamomile too. Maybe, it's just my skin.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I use this fragrance very often especially at the morning when I have to go somewhere for a job or for a lesson. It wakes you up and it stays close to the skin.

Pic from: susanmartinspar.blogspot.

Παρασκευή, 1 Φεβρουαρίου 2013

Eskimo Kiss-Lathers and Lights

PERFUME: Eskimo Kiss

AVAILABILITY: Winter limited edition\ still available

OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: A breath of sweet spearmint kissed with cotton candy, vanilla, and sugar

BEFORE I SMELL: I love mint or spearmint combined with creamy notes! It started as a scent combo for my hair care products but I loved it so much I thought why not to buy a minty perfume?

FROM THE DECANT/BOTTLE: Sugar and spearmint

WET ON SKIN: The spearmint is strong!  It reminds me spearmint tea a little bit!

DRY DOWN: The spearmint note calms down a little bit. The sweetness from the cotton candy and the sugar comes through and it’s wonderful…

FINAL THOUGHTS It’s simple but lovely. I have the body cream and scrub for layering proposes…! If you like Spearmint is a must have!


My perfume collection, part 1! BPAL

As you may have noticed from my reviews I love BPAL! Beth creates unique and high quality perfumes. They are a little bit pricey for 5ml bottles so, I buy two or three bottles from every big update. Sometimes, I just buy half bottles from live journal or the forum. I always had great experience buying second hand bottles except from one time. I paid 20usd plus shipping for a Celeste bottle and the seller never sent it to me nor replied to my messages. So be careful if you are ordering that way! 

I absolutely Love all these bottles and I have bought them after trying them first from decants and samples. No blind buys with Bpal yet, although I am considering stop buying decants anymore because they are so pricey and often I am falling in love with a scent and it isn’t available anymore and I know I can’t have it.

The last evening of the year
Blossoms in Springtime
Pink Snowballs
Thousands of lights 
Witch Dance

Sugar Skull 2012
Samhain 2011
The cold hour od Dawn (half bottle)
Snow White 2011

Yule 2011( 1\3 bottle)
A wonderful light
Womb Fury
Body Remember
Nocha Buena 

A nocturnal Reverie (1\4 bottle)
Perilous Parlor
Sonnet d'autumn
The Night Hag Visiting the Lapland Witches
Halloween Las Vegas
Nothing Gold can Stay

 That's it! My Bpal collection!  I am waiting 4 more bottles to add to that. 
Next week I will do a Possets collection post!