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HALLOWEEN PERFUMES! The Ghastly Garden-Bpal

PERFUME: The Ghastly garden


AVAILABILITY: Halloween limited edition, The Haunted House 2007

OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION:Overgrown oleander, marshy water hemlock, the sugared nectar of carnivorous blooms, putrefying wet greenery, oozing sap, crushed rosary peas, withered climbing roses, and nightshade berries.

I bought a bottle of this on eBay a couple of months ago because it was cheap and I really wanted a green scent!

FROM THE BOTTLE: Tropical white flowers, night stock and a hint of spice. Fresh leaves and wet soil. It's sweet and green and it definitely resemblances a night garden.

WET ON SKIN:Sweet juicy berries. I was expecting that this could be greener but it's not. On me is most wet flowers and berries.
Then, I smell the grass note again!
I think there is a lily note in that too or maybe a carnation because I get a light spice that these scents sometimes have.
The rose isn't strong but I get the powdery aspect of the rose and not the exact note.

DRY DOWN: Stays a green floral all the way and it has good longevity too but a little through.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I am glad I got a bottle unsniffed because I am wearing this a lot especially in the mornings when I have shopping to do etc.
It's a classic and feminine perfume. Don't let the sap and the greenery scare you!

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HALLOWEEN PERFUMES! Ghost Farts- Possets

PERFUME: Ghost Fart

COMPANY: Possets

AVAILABILITY: Halloween Limited Edition

OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION:Oh good grief! It must be a ghost fart! This annual blend is back to haunt us all again. Ethereal, very unusual, and about as easy to explain as spiritual flatulence. Actually, it's real nice stuff and you really should try it, but don't try to explain it. Foody gourmand.

This perfume is one of the most popular blends that Possets has and it appears every Halloween. This is why I really wanted to try it when I was a possets newbie. It has just the most hilarious name ever! I don't really remember from which year my decant is from. I think it's 2010.

FROM THE DECANT/BOTTLE: Cherry, almond and musk.

WET ON SKIN: This goes foodie! Like almond cake. Sadly, it reminds me a cherry syrup that I used when I was a child. When I had first tried it I didn't like it at all, it was too much cherry. Now after some years of aging it's more of the musk and the almonds.

DRY DOWN: It has very good staying power but I just can't get over the cherry syrup comparison in my head.

FINAL THOUGHTS: It's not for me. But I can't only imagine how fun it would be if while I was wearing this someone asks me what perfume I wear!

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Pic from BPAL, This was actually the Label of the perfume! Isn't Lilith so cute?

PERFUME: Mariposita


AVAILABILITY: Limited edition Forum only

OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: Soap, lavender, honey, sunshine, and strawberries

Every September Bpal releases a scent dedicated to Beth's and Ted's daughter Lilith who has her birthday. I found this very sweet and lovely! Usually these scents are very sweet inspired by desserts, Lilith's life and her preferences. This year they even had a whole update for their child's birthday! Usually, the Labels of these perfumes show pictures with Lilith or Lilith's drawings!

This years offerings include:

BLUE LOLLIPOS: Blueberry-swirled blue lollipops!

BUTTERFLIES, FLOWERS AND JEWELS ATTENDING:white patchouli with provence rose, delicate freesia, pink tuberose, jasmine sambac, orange blossom, butterfly musk, vanilla orchid, and delicate spices.

THE FUTURE BALL:Crystalline white musk, Somalian olibanum, smoky benzoin, Damascus rose, dark myrrh, sacred sandalwood, life everlasting, rock rose, and gummy bear fingerprint residue.


LILITH'S FEEL BETTER FLOWERS: carnations,lavender, honey ,ginger, aloe ,blessed thistles ,chamomile,chocolate peppermint.

LITTLE PYTHIA: vanilla frankincense and rose champaca with a little bit of red licorice

TARANTULA FASCINATOR:fuzzy cacao-drenched hazelnut with hay absolute, black pepper, and nutmeg, laced with stripes of wild plum and white sandalwood.


FROM THE DECANT/BOTTLE: Sweet strawberries and lavender.

WET ON SKIN: The lavender is strong. I never thought that it will go well with strawberries but definitely does! The fruit here is more like a hard candy strawberry than a fresh one. It's not soapy but it is clean. The honey it's soft and flowery not the heavy type. Like there is a note of daisy or a similar flower.

DRY DOWN: The lavender calms down and I am left with freshly washed skin and over ripe strawberries. Very innocent and calming.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I love it! If you like candy like perfumes and Lavender I am sure you will love it too! Too bud that isn't available anymore:(

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HALLOWEEN PERFUMES! Nocturne Alchemy- Sarcophagus

PERFUME: Sarcophagus

COMPANY: NocturneAlchemy

AVAILABILITY: Halloween Limited Edition

OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION:Sweet Cinnamon, Clove, Allspice, Blueberry, Apples, Amber, Pumpkin

I don't know which year is this. I bought it for 5 dollars from live journal! Nocturne Alchemy isn't a company I usually buy my perfumes mainly because of the shipping cost. The most of the times, I am interested in just one or two bottles and they don't ship first class. I really like what I have tested from them though.

FROM THE DECANT/BOTTLE: Tart blueberries and apples. Light spices. Fruity and fresh!
WET ON SKIN: Sweet cinnamon over baked apples and pumpkin, served in a bowl with fresh blueberries. It's an early autumn fruity scent. The spices aren't overpowering and they let the fruits shine.

DRY DOWN:It doesn't morph much. It stays fruity all the way with a touch of spice!

FINAL THOUGHTS: It's a morning scent for me. I really like it and this made me realize that I don't have enough fruity scents in my collection!

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PERFUME: Halloween: Las Vegas


AVAILABILITY: Forum only Halloween 2011

OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION:The aftermath of piratical nuptials: walls smeared with red and black frosting, copious amounts of spilled red wine, the leftover contents of three full bars, dry leaves and desert flowers crushed into carpet, tobacco smoke, and champaca incense in a cloud of body-heat amped Snake Oil and Dorian.

FROM THE DECANT/BOTTLE: Sweet wine, tobacco and cake. I could smell it from the bottle for hours.. It's that good!

WET ON SKIN: It blooms on the skin. It's still alcoholic. The combination of alcohol, incense and the foodie notes works very well!  The champaca incense gives a great depth and smokiness.
I haven't smelt Dorian yet but the resins of Snake oil are quite apparent.
I also get a cocoa note maybe that's the black frosting.
It's sweet, it's sexy , it's comforting.... It has it all actually!
It last hours on me as well. Perfection!

FINAL THOUGHTS: I love this and I bought a bottle right after I tried my decant. Actually, sometimes I wish I had bought 2! If you ever have a chance to buy this please do! You won't regret it!

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PERFUME: Salted Caramel

COMPANY: Haus of Gloi

AVAILABILITY: This is a part of the Candy Bowl perfume oils that they offer every Halloween. This particular it was a sample I got with my order maybe 2 years back.

OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION:Caramel flecked with coarse sea salt

From the sample this is pure caramel with some alcoholic undertones. Very simple and decadent!

On my skin is almost the same. The salt isn't noticeable but definitely helps the blend to not become overly sweet.

It has a good throw and staying power.

This is one for the foodie lovers to buy and why not layer with other scents to make them sweeter.
If you ever wanted a caramel single note that's it!

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HALLOWEEN PERFUMES! Pumpkin Face Down In the Gutter

PERFUME:Pumpkin Face Down in the Gutter

COMPANY: Possets

AVAILABILITY: Past Halloween limited edition. I think 2011

OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION:Has the pumpkin landed face down in the gutter? Has he reached rock bottom? Judging from the smell of him, he is in deep deep trouble. Pumpkin, black pepper, black cinnamon, sandalwood, tomato leaf. yes, he is beyond the help of any programs no matter how well meaning. He is one of The Beautiful and The Damned.

BEFORE I SMELL: A dirty pumpkin! I am in:)

FROM THE DECANT/BOTTLE: This is atmospheric and very autumnal from the imp. Dirt, tomato leaf, spices and warm pumpkin. The cinnamon is the strongest note but it isn't the foody kind.

WET ON SKIN: Fresh pumpkin flesh and pepper. The tomato leaf it's a beautiful note and very unique with pumpkin. I get the sandalwood too. Actually, I am getting all the notes listed!

DRY DOWN:The spices calm down and I am left with pumpkin and sandalwood. Sometimes this blend can be overpowering to me so I put just a little bit. I love it especially when the weather is starts to chill and it feels like the rain will start in any minute. The scent of the real earth combined with the scent of this perfume it's magical!

FINAL THOUGHTS: I think my poppet is enough for now because I am wearing this for the experience the most. From the other hand, if they have a Retour again and I can afford it I may buy a bottle because it's aging amazing too.

Have you ever tried any weird pumpkin scent?

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PERFUME:Ghosts In Love

"Tell me, where do ghosts in love
Find their bridal veils?"

"If you and I were ghosts in love
We'd climb the cliffs of Mystery,
Above the sea of Wails.
I'd trim your gray and streaming hair
With veils of Fantasy
From the tree of Memory.
'Tis there the ghosts that fall in love
Find their bridal veils."

- Vachel Lindsay


AVAILABILITY:Original released in Halloween 2011 and has been re-released with the current Halloween update.

OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION:White sandalwood, tobacco flower, lily of the valley, white carnation, and magnolia blossom with tea rose, labdanum, and oudh.

BEFORE I SMELL: Again the pretty poem made me wanting to try this! I come to the conclusion that the 50% of the reasons why I want to try something is the description and the perfume's name.. Especially if it's a piece of literature that I love. I have to work on that.

FROM THE DECANT/BOTTLE: A bunch of different florals: Roses, carnations, lily of the valley and magnolia. I get rose the most and it's pretty!
The rose has a hint of lemon which is rounded by the sweetness and the creaminess of the magnolia.

WET ON SKIN: Now I get the resins but they are light.
They go very well with the flowers.
 It's clean and perfumy. I would say that is a little bit similar to Le renevant or at least they belong to the same family. I like this better because it doesn't have that green aspect or that powdery note.
I also smell the the tobacco flower and it's kinf of similar to the tobacco flower perfume from the Body Shop that they had years back.

DRY DOWN: Fresh roses complimented by the other flowers especially lily of the valley and magnolia.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Not a bottle purchase but a beautiful rose scent indeed.

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The Halloween BPAL update is LIVE!!!! I need almost 10 of them but I have to wait till I win the lottery lol!!
Thankfully these will stay up until December so, we have a little more time to save up.
Reading the whole update I noticed that I already have some of these scents and I thought to retest them.



AVAILABILITY: Halloween limited edition, original in 2011 but it has been re-released this year so you can find it at the Bpal site until December!

OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION:A shroud of gardenia, narcissus, and sandalwood with ambrette seed, white cognac, muguet, davana, and white musk

BEFORE I SMELL: I see Baudelaire and white florals and my mind goes WANT NOW. That unfortunately doesn't always mean that the scent will  work on me...

FROM THE DECANT/BOTTLE: From the imp this one it's very elegant and feminine. Reminds me the women I see sometimes all dressed up and then they come by this is the perfume that you aspect them to wear. Floral and a little bit soapy.

WET ON SKIN: The muguet it's the most obvious note. I also get something green maybe it's the narcissus and the davana. This gardenia note, it's similar to the one Arcana use's in the Moonflower's bliss perfume. It's greener and sharper than the actual flower.

DRY DOWN: This one doesn't have a good staying power on me neither a good silage. After 3 hours it's almost gone. The dry down is musky sandalwood with a hind of white floral.

FINAL THOUGHTS: If you are looking for something to smell like Chanel or another conventional perfume, I think this is for you. It's very nice and if you work in an office or with other people and you need something that most people like and find it inoffensive, this is the one because it's light and stays close to the skin.
As for me, I've already have musky white florals so I don't need a full bottle of this.

What do you think about Bpals new update? Any must haves? 

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In anticipation of the Halloween update from Bpal and from other indie companies I have decided to revisit my autumnal-Halloween scents!

I love this time of the year it's actually my favorite. September it's my birthday month as well so from my childhood I have always waited for this month to come. I kind of hate Summer and hot weather so Autumn is my perfect season!

I love the color of the trees and smell in the air the start of the new season the first rain... All of it!
My addiction to perfumes introduced me to America's tradition of this season as well. When I first saw in the Cocoa's Pink's site that they had pumpkin perfumes it was so weird for me because we don't have that kind of perfumes here in Greece and we don't eat pumpkin so much or when we do we make savory pies instead of sweet one.

My first order with pumpkin stuff was from Cocoa Pink as well and it was a pumpkin set for the hair. From that moment I knew I found a new favorite note and I understood why so many people go crazy for pumpkins.

Then I learned how to make a pumpkin puree from scratch, keeping it in refrigerator and how to make cookies, cheesecakes, pies and all that stuff. This year I may make even a soap with pumpkin!My family at first thought that I was crazy but now they really enjoy my pumpkin creations!

The lovely Rachel from the Brighter Star of All blog shared some Halloween themed blogs with me so I will try to decorate my home too! If I managed to make something nice I will definitely share with you! I think I will start with carving a pumpkin and feeling a little naughty with wearing Mischief from Bpal

PERFUME: Mischief



OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION:The scent of petty vandalism: toilet paper wads on damp maple trees, squished pumpkins, raw eggs, beer, pumpkin seed hulls, and soapy glass

BEFORE I SMELL: Now you don't reed that kind of perfume notes everyday and when you do it's highly possible that it has to do with BPAL!
Toilet paper, eggs, beef, soapy glass? Oh My !

FROM THE DECANT/BOTTLE: From the imp it's hands down one of the weirder perfumes I have ever sniffed. Cucumber, pumpkins, something vaguely aquatic, sweetness (from the egg?) and a little bit of spice.

WET ON SKIN: That's better! I get the foodie elements more but with an cucumber edge! The damp maple leaves make this perfume very autumnal and it puts you immediately in the autumn spirit even though is still hot outside:(
The perfume description doesn't mention any flowers but it feels like there are some floral elements to the whole like violet or iris.
In that point, I smell the beer as well. A woody beer like someone spilled a bottle of beer in a tree.

DRY DOWN: Fresh pumpkin, a little bit soapy and not entirely sweet. The dry down is my favorite part of this perfume and worth the wait.

OVERALL: I have an imp and this is enough for me. I really enjoy wearing it but it's not for everyday.