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Winter Empties part1

 Hi! I have a lot of empties to show that's why I will divide the into 2 parts.

pic from lush.uk

I really like this scent but in the bath it didn’t last more than 15 minutes . It wasn’t strong and it didn’t stay on my skin. 
Would I buy this again? No. Sorry Lush but I need something stronger in my bath ritual.


Yes! A makeup item! I had this for more than 2 years.  This is very good product with spf 15. I really enjoyed it but now I am ready for something else.
Would I buy this again? No. This was the second time I bought this and now I use the loose powder from Clinique which I like better.


I love these scrubs  and the scents! It’s scrubby , it rinses clean and my skin doesn’t feel dry after using it. I wish I had 100 tubs stock lol.
Would I buy this again? Definitely. Even the same scents. Other products too,  mainly in Warlock and Little Shop in Terror. 


I love Fresh line but their skincare doesn’t always suit me. Their line for combination skin isn’t enough for my skin and after using it I felt dry. This one was better.
Would I buy this again? I don’t know. Maybe I will ask for another sample.


I really liked this combination serum and day cream.  I will post a detailed review soon!
Would I buy this again? I already did (both!) but I chose the day cream for normal skin instead the light one  because the one for oily to combination felt dry.


I am a huge fun of Cocoa Pink’s pumpkin scents. Naughty Pumpkin is not an exception.  Glissade  it’s s silicone free anti- frizz styling product. Actually, I prefer the Anti-frizz serum but this is quite good too.
Would I buy this again? Maybe. I bought Anti-frizz recently and given the time that it takes me to finish a product like this ( I don’t use styling products every day maybe once a week and just a tiny amount) I don’t think it would be soon.

AVON COMPLETE BALANCE DAY AND NIGHT CREAM (only the night cream in the pic)

I have tried a lot of Avon’s skincare and the majority of them is pretty good. You can buy them a lot of time in discount or you pay the day cream and they give you the nighhtcream for free etc. I have bought the balance set a couple of time and it’s your standard day cream, it moisturizes enough and has spf as well. The night cream is in a gel form and when you put this on it feels like water. I don’t like the night cream now. At first I did but I want to try something else.
Would I buy this again? No, but I recommend this set for people from 18 to 25. It works great for men too!

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What I love about Bpal it’s that not only I smell good but I learn a lot of new things in the process! For instance in my last order I got a perfume sample of Aeval and I had no clue what it was. Apparently she is an Ireland Queen Fairy:

 “One of her eternal duties dictates that she must hold a midnight court every season and hear the pleas of married Irishwomen. The court serves only to determine whether or not husbands are adequately serving their wife's sexual need.”  (From the scent description.) 

How cool is that? 



AVAILABILITY:  General Catalog

 OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: Sage, sweet pea, bold pale musk and warm tonka.

FROM THE DECANT/BOTTLE: Light, pink, eathereal. Floral mixed with herbal undertones.

This is very girly and clean smelling. Like you just tool a shower. I used to drink sage in the winter and it reminds me a little bit of the smell that comes out when I boil the leaves.

WET ON SKIN:  Very Springy. I can see being enjoyed from someone who wants something that stays close to the skin. I get an idea of sweet pea, though it’s more of an elusive interpretation of how sweet pea smells in real life.

DRY DOWN: The Tonka sweeten this up. I wore it to go out and after a couple hours I couldn’t smell it but it definitely stayd in my clothes.

Overall: I like it but it’s not full bottle for me because I like more darker scents or white florals. I would recommend it for a teenager. So, if you have a daughter or a little sister that’s it!

As I was looking a suitable pic  I bumped into this pic from a gorgeous Model Blade-Of-Mako (Bre)

  I hope it's ok to post it here. I love the pic, her style, make up etc..
This photo it's called Aeval and has the scent description as well so I think she might be a Bpaler as well.

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Happy New Year! I wish you to smell amazing every single day in the 2015! Because when we do everything seems easier! 

For the first post of the year I want to make a small review for this sample I had quite a long time now. I was curious about body condioners  in general.  I love to apply body lotions, oils or thick creams after my shower. I never forget it and I kinda like feeling slightly greasy too. I must be weird but there isn’t too much when it comes to body creams for me. The opposite, I hate feeling dry.
So, I had low expectations on that one. It supposed to be ideal for people with limited time in their hands so they can moisturize while they are taking a shower. I have to admit Lush is genius launching a product like this mainly because it works!

You need a tiny bit to massage it over your body after  cleaning or scrubbing and then you can rinse it of lightly or maybe you can leave it on and you will be smelling amazing 24h. Yes that’s how much the scent linger on me. The scent it’s hard to describe. It’s rose with vanilla and something fruity too. I really want a matching perfume to go with that one…  So if you know one please comment.
The scent even though it’s perfect it’s not the only reason to buy this one. It leaves the skin so soft it’s unreal. The only negative it’s the price 16.50 pounds/ 225 g.

As you can tell from the rave review I love it and I definitely want to purchase the full size product.

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PERFUME:  Harvest Moon

COMPANY: Solstice Scents

AVAILABILITY: Discontinued as a perfume oil, available as home fragrance oil.

 OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: Apples, Pumpkin, Butternut Squash, Roasted Chestnuts, Spices.

This sample is sitting in my collection for some years now, so I thought to write a review and used it up. Unfortunately, is only available in home fragrance oil due to the amount of spices I believe.

FROM THE DECANT/BOTTLE: Spiced apples and pumpkin. In other words, a typical autumnal scent.

WET ON SKIN:  That’s spicy! Cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. The pumpkin is more pronounced now.

DRY DOWN: This is a very strong scent. I put it last night before bed and I could still smell it this morning. It’s cozy, warm and spicy and sometimes you just need that. After 30 minutes I smell the chestnut note. I love chestnut in perfumes (I love eating them too!)

Verdict: Lovely apple spice perfume. I am thinking of buying the home fragrance oil if it isn’t too expensive. I want my house to smell baking goods, it is making me feeling relaxed but also a little bit hungry!

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Solstice Scents- Sugarvale

PERFUME:  Sugarvale

COMPANY: Solstice Scents

AVAILABILITY: Limited edition, available every winter

OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: Nestled in a mountain vale lies a small, quaint community with rustic buildings housing friendly, hardworking people. A special delight during the harsh and demanding winter season is the Sugarvale Candy Kitchen in the middle of town. Smoke billows profusely from the chimney of the confectioner's cabin. Aromas of candied pecans, butterscotch, buttered rum, brown sugar, maple syrup, hot pralines and milk chocolate cocoa fills the air across town, beckoning the inhabitants inside to warm cold bodies and empty tummy's alike.

FROM THE DECANT/BOTTLE: Sweet, very sweet! I get the pecan right away and dulce de leche. Yes it’s for the ones with sweet tooth.

WET ON SKIN:  Butterscotch and rum. It reminds me Bpal’s Grog. The pralines make this one a little bit better in my opinion.

DRY DOWN: Sugarvale smells so real I almost taste the candied pecans. I don’t get any chocolate.

VERDICT: This is a simple sugar, rum and pecan scent. I think it will appeal to all foodie lovers. It would be great as a body lotion as well as the scent can be used for layering with other warm perfumes like vanilla, gingerbread or ever yummy pumpkin scents. If this will be available again, I am buying a bottle for when I am craving sugar

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Happy Halloween!

I am in that part of the world where Halloween isn’t a tradition and every year I say to myself that I will decorate and have some fun but never do… Except from Pumpkin pie I love making and eating Halloween treats! There are some parties going on in the center of Athens but they start after midnight and we have to wake up early. So you guess it my plans for Halloween are to review Halloween from Possets.

This is a seasonal scent that comes live every Halloween and is spooky and mysterious!

Halloween-Back from last year, Halloween is one of the first unabashed outdoor autumn fragrances ever. Incensy, spicy, and manages to capture the width of a dimming blue October sky. Halloween reminded me of suddenly catching yourself thinking about what fun you will have and how the year went for you. This one is beautiful without being cloying and just hits the right notes about Halloween. Resinous, gourmand.

Bottle:  smoke, leaves turning and gingerbread.

Wet:  Smoky but very wearable no harsh notes on that one. It’s like how the air smells when it’s so cold outside that you can feel the smoke for the fireplaces. Hard to describe. Something in that perfume reads to my mind as gingerbread maybe  the  spices?

Dry:  More incense now. I don’t think I am very Helpful but my general impression is: Walking in the streets the afternoon of a very cold day, a lot of houses burning woods to warm up, leaves are falling  and suddenly you find that your local bakery is still open and you take a deep breath of all the yummy stuff before you go home. Yes you need it.